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ACLC research groups

ACLC research groups have their specific group pages which are listed below. Please contact the coordinator if you would like to participate in the group’s activities.

Results: 1 - 15 of 15
Results: 1 - 15 of 15
  • Adventures in Multimodality (AIM): Narrating and arguing by images, words & sounds
  • Amusia and Language
  • Argumentation and Rhetoric
  • Bidirectional Phonology and Phonetics
  • Comparative Slavic Verbal Aspect (and Related Issues)
  • Crosslinguistic Semantics
  • Grammar & Cognition
  • Institutional Discourse
  • Language Description and Typology Research Group
  • Language Learning
  • Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Translation
  • Metaphor Lab Amsterdam
  • Oncology-Related Communication Disorders
  • Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documentation (ROLD)
  • Sign Language Grammar and Typology (SiLaGaT)