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Research funds

  • ACLC Sponsoring

    ACLC can provide funding to its members (staff and PhD candidates) for the organization of research activities, such as workshops, conferences, seminars and public lectures.

    Guidelines for funding

    • Local: max. € 250 
    • National: max. € 500 
    • International: max. € 1,000 
    • Special events: € at the discretion of the research director 

    Conditions for funding

    • the event is organized by an ACLC member and is relevant and open to other ACLC researchers
    • the event preferably takes place in Amsterdam
    • the funding application is sent well in advance of the event or deadline for submissions and includes a short description of the event, the names of the organizers and a budget
    • at least one month before the event or the deadline for submissions, ACLC receives an announcement in English for the website and the newsletter
    • ACLC is acknowledged in all materials related to the event as a sponsor
    • ACLC does not cover fees to speakers
    • ACLC only sponsors events that are inclusive and respect diversity

    Applications can be submitted continuously via and are assessed by the ACLC research director.

  • Faculty of Humanities research fund

    Research funds are available to researchers and PhDs employed by the Faculty whose research time is charged to the government/direct funding (“eerste geldstroom”).

    The maximum amount for research expenses to be reimbursed per researcher is € 1,200, including PhD candidates, whose research hours are charged to the government/direct funding (“eerste geldstroom”). The research fund can be used to meet the costs of conference attendance, research trips, and publication expenses.

    Researchers and PhD candidates who are working with human test subjects can request an additional € 1,000 per year for the small compensations they are giving their test subjects.

    The Faculty guidelines and application form can be downloaded via the link below.