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ACLC PhD candidates organise a three-monthly meeting (“juniorenoverleg”), in which they discuss the latest news and developments within the institute and in which they can bring up matters that are relevant to themselves and to their peers. The meeting is concluded with round-table questions. The ACLC director and coordinator are present. PhD candidates are expected to attend this meeting, and they take turns in chairing and preparing the minutes.

Organising an ACLC PhD meeting

Please follow the this procedure if you are chairing the next PhD meeting.

Plan the meeting

  • In consultation with the ACLC, select a date and time for the meeting.
  • Book the room (via ACLC office).
  • Let all PhD students know when/where the next meeting is taking place and ask for points for the agenda.
  • Ask if anyone wants to give a presentation.

The agenda

  • You put the agenda together based on feedback from the PhD students and items sent to you by the ACLC (see template below). 
  • Send a copy of the agenda to everyone (with a link to the previous minutes) before the PhD meeting, including the ACLC.

After the meeting

  • The minutes can then be sent to all PhD candidates and the ACLC.