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There are three categories of PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities: candidates who are employed by the Faculty; Candidates who receive their salary from the Faculty of Humanities, but their funding comes from outside of the Faculty of Humanities (from the ERC or NWO for example); and self-funded candidates, who do not receive a salary from the Faculty of Humanities, but sometimes they do receive funding from other sources (scholarships from their home countries, or matching constructions like the NWO-teacher scholarships).

PhD Candidates employed by the Faculty of Humanities

PhD candidates employed by the Faculty of Humanities receive funding from the Faculty or from the inter-faculty research institute ILLC. THese PhDs are a small minority of all the PhD researchers in the Faculty.

Externally Funded PhD candidates

These researchers receive a salary form the Faculty of Humanities and are employed just like the previous group, but their funding derives from external sources like the ERC and NWO.

Vacancies for positions in these two categories are advertised on the UvA vacancies website and/or on the websites of the AIHR research schools and the ILLC. For more information concerning admission to the ILLC PhD programme please refer to the programme's admissions page.

Self-funded PhD candidates

If you wish to start your PhD as a self-funded candidate (i.e. not employed by the university, not receiving a salary from the Faculty, but maybe with funding from a research institute in your home country), the first thing to do is to choose one of the AIHR research schools or institutes that suits your proposed research project.

The next step is to find a potential supervisor affiliated with the selected research school who is willing to supervise your research project. Each research school lists its academic staff on its website. Candidates are required to find their own supervisors, though the coordinator of the chosen research school might be able to assist you with selecting a suitable professor.