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Many PhD researchers struggle with mental health issues and/or social safety. Here you can read what the UvA offers to assist you.

Mental Support Courses

The Faculty PhDSkills programme offers the following mental health courses:

- Bounce Back

- Compassionate Mind Training

- Peer Consultation


Social Safety

If you are facing undesirable behavior from your supervisors or one of your colleagues and you want to talk to someone we encourage you to do so. We are committed to creating a safe workspace especially for PhD candidates.

Please never hesitate to reach out when you are feeling bullied, intimidated, or unsafe by one of your colleagues or supervisors. You may always turn to the coordinator or director of your school, or to one of your supervisors. But if this feels not safe, then you may contact one of the confidential advisors: Asli Özgen or Eloe Kingma. All information you share with them is striclty confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. The confidential advisors can give you advice on how to handle difficult situations and inform you on other options.