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This is a list of ACLC PhDs since 2018 with a link to their PhD dissertation.
Year Name Dissertation title
2023 Jie Fu Metaphor use in aphasia
2023 Henning Radke Multilingualism and mixed-mode communication: Sociolinguistic Insights into the German-Namibian Diaspora
2023 Darlene Keydeniers Two languages in daycare
2023 Iris Broedelet

Lexical-semantic deficits in developmental language disorder: The role of statistical learning

2022 Nika Stefan Spoken Frisian: Language contact, variation and change
2022 Bence Halpern

Making speech technology accessible for pathological speakers

2022 Jasmin Pfeifer Untwisting amusia: What behavior, brain waves and genetic underpinnings reveal about perception in congenital amusia
2022 Sybren Spit Awareness and instruction when kindergarteners acquire grammar
2022 Elisabetta Materassi Metaphor and L2 learning
2021 Itsik Pariente Theoretical issues in Modern Hebrew phonology
2021 Thom Westveer Gender mismatches in partitive constructions in French and German: How society shapes language
2021 Anne Merkuur Changes in modern Frisian verbal inflection
2021 Manon van der Laaken Doctor-patient communication in head-and-neck cancer follow-up consultations: The role of the Distress Thermometer and Problem List
2021 Camiel Hamans Borderline cases in morphology: A study in language change
2021 Hongmei Fang Sentence-final particles in Mandarin
2021 Kiki Renardel de Lavalette Resistance to metaphor in parliamentary debates
2021 Jelke Bloem Processing verb clusters
2021 Ulrika Klomp A descriptive grammar of Sign Language of the Netherlands
2021 Klaas Seinhorst The complexity and learnability of phonological patterns: Simulations, experiments, typology
2020 Klaske van Sluis Total laryngectomy: Exploring voice outcomes and functional issues 
2020 Sune Gregersen Early English modals: Form, function, and analogy
2020 Marieke Olthof Incorporation: Constraints on variation
2020 Eveline Boers-Visker Learning to use space: A study into the SL2 acquisition process of adult learners of sign language of the Netherlands
2020 Jan Willem van Leussen The emergence of French phonology
2020 Merel van Witteloostuijn Examining the contribution of statistical learning to grammar and literacy acquisition: A study of Dutch children with and without dyslexia
2020 Imme Lammertink Detecting patterns: Relating statistical learning to language proficiency in children with and without developmental language disorder
2020 Marloes Oomen Iconicity as a mediator between verb semantics and morphosyntactic structure: A corpus-based study on verbs in German Sign Language
2020 Hernan Labbé Grünberg Storage and processing of Dutch morphological information: Early electrophysiological responses to lexical, morphological and syntactic information
2019 Sanne Berends Acquiring Dutch quantitative ER
2019 Rosalinde Stadt The influence of Dutch (L1) and English (L2) on third language learning: The effects of education, development and language combinations
2019 Imogen Cohen Tropes in translation: An analysis of Dutch creative collocations and compounds translated into English
2019 Brechje van Osch Vulnerability in heritage speakers of Spanish in the Netherlands: An interplay between language-internal and language-external factors
2019 Pauline Koeleman Professioneel taalgebruik in het economische beroepenveld: Behoefteanalyse voor (taal)curriculumontwerp in het hoger economisch onderwijs
2019 Caitlin Meyer Rule and order: Acquiring ordinals in Dutch and English
2018 Hanneke Pot Tweedetaalleren met handen en voeten: Studies naar de effecten van Total Physical Response bij vierjarige beginnende tweedetaalleerders
2018 Anna Pytlowany Ketelaar rediscovered: The first Dutch grammar of Persian and Hindustani (1698)
2018 Tessa Marie Spätgens Developing semantic networks: Individual differences in Dutch monolingual and bilingual children’s semantic knowledge and reading comprehension
2018 Jeroen Breteler A foot-based typology of tonal reassociation: Perspectives from synchrony and learnability
2018 Caroline Roset A grammar of Darfur Arabic
2018 Tiffany Alma Boersma Variability in the acquisition of allomorphs: The Dutch diminutive and past tense
2018 Maja Ćurčić Explaining differences in adult second language learning: The role of language input characteristics and learners’ cognitive aptitudes