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Empirical Foundations of Phonology


Key Objectives

  • With a variety of empirical methods we develop and scrutinize phonological theories that can account for the phonetics-phonology interface, the mapping of phonological onto orthographical representations, and contact phenomena such as loanword adaptations and L2 acquisition
  • We collaborate with descriptive and/or fieldwork linguists in order to
    - Co-develop methodologies of phonological and phonetic descriptions
    - Obtain access to new data for typological studies
    - Detect and discuss relevant developments in the field, in a way that is inclusive and welcoming to students and staff alike


The group meets biweekly and aims to provide one ACLC lecture per year.

Group Composition

ACLC members:
Silke Hamann (coordinator)
Nour Tamim
Marijn van ’t Veer
Suki Yiu

ACLC collaborations:
DeepFon group (formalization of phonetics/phonology)
LLLM group (acquisitional theories for non-sound domain; literacy)

External affiliates:
Camilla Horslund, Aarhus University
Rasmus Puggaard-Rode, Leiden University
Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Université Paris 8
Chao Zhou, University of Minho