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The Language Learning, Literacy, and Multilingualism research group unites a group of researchers within the ACLC that investigate language and literacy acquisition and use. This should be taken in the broadest sense: the focus of the group is to understand how language and literacy skills are learned, maintained and used across the lifespan, how this can be realized and promoted through education, how people develop bilingual competence or learn a second or third language, and how this is affected by individual differences in linguistic, cognitive, attributional, and environmental factors.

Key objectives

  • To study the development of language proficiency in one or more languages
  • To study the development of literacy in the first or a second language
  • To generate insights relevant to classroom instruction, bilingual/multilingual education, language assessment, intervention, and language policy
  • To cultivate collaboration, methodological rigour and innovation by discussing projects, project plans, funding opportunities and research related topics (methods, statistics, open science, publication).


  • We convene weekly to discuss each other’s projects; new project plans, research related topics, funding opportunities, etc. Group members take turns in organizing the sessions. 
  • We invite scholars from outside the group to present work that is relevant to group’s goals and objectives.
  • Members collaborate in smaller projects within and outside the group on scientific, professional and popular publications and grant proposals.

Coordinator and group members

Suzanne Aalberse, Sible Andringa (coordinator), Iris Broedelet, Kaatje Dalderop, Lani Freeborn, Wenwen Guan, Folkert Kuiken, Darlene Keydeniers, Nihayra Leona, Elisabetta Materassi, Kimberley Mulder, Alla Peeters-Podgaevskaja, Judith Rispens, Natalia Rivera-Vera, Caroline Roset, Sybren Spit, Beyza Sumer, Lissan Taal-Apelqvist, Anne-Mieke Thieme, Ineke Vedder, Josje Verhagen, Elise van Wonderen.