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Lexical restrictions

In many languages, specific grammatical rules only apply to a restricted group of lexical items. This research group studies such lexical constraints in a variety of languages (including sign languages), from a variety of perspectives, and using a variety of methods.

Key objectives 

  • What kind of lexical constraints exist across languages?
  • What are the implications of such constraints for
    • Linguistic theories
    • Language acquisition
    • Language processing
    • Language change and contact


The group meets approximately every two weeks, usually on Friday mornings between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. For specific information, please check the website.

Coordinator and group members

Coordinator: Eva van Lier

Group members: Sune Gregersen, Lois Kemp, Sterre Leufkens, Pegah Faghiri, Katherine Walker, Jeannette Schaeffer, Federico Gobbo, Rene Genis, Marloes Oomen, Monique Flecken, Heleen Bos, Hella Olbertz, Roland Pfau, Jan Hulstijn, Hongmei Fang, Ewa Zakrzewska, Elisabetta Ragagnin, Cindy van Boven, Jenia Khristoforova, Zarina Molochieva

Website of the group