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ACLC is happy to announce that Natalia Rivera Vera is the new ACLC PhD representative. In this role, she represents the ACLC PhD community in the PhD Council Board, the Graduate Study Committee and the ACLC Advisory Board.

My name is Natalia Rivera-Vera and I am the new ACLC PhD-representative for the 2020-2021 academic year. I am in my third year of my research project, in which I investigate the role of pragmatic inferences in language learning. Specifically, the effect of speaker reliability on adult word learning. As member of the PhD Council my aim is to bring up the matters that concern ACLC PhDs and advice both the research director of the AIHR and the head of research of the Faculty of Humanities correspondingly.

Ms N.A. (Natalia) Rivera Vera MSc

Faculty of Humanities