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Dr M.E.P. (Monique) Flecken

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Taalwetenschap

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
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  • Postbus 1642
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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    • Flecken, M., & van Bergen, G. (2019). Can the English stand the bottle like the Dutch? Effects of relational categories on object perception. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 37(5-6), 271-287.
    • Sakarias, M., & Flecken, M. (2019). Keeping the Result in Sight and Mind: General Cognitive Principles and Language-Specific Influences in the Perception and Memory of Resultative Events. Cognitive Science, 43(1).
    • van Bergen, G., Flecken, M., & Wu, R. (2019). Rapid target selection of object categories based on verbs: Implications for language-categorization interactions. Psychophysiology, 56(9), e13395.


    • van Bergen, G., & Flecken, M. (2017). Putting things in new places: Linguistic experience modulates the predictive power of placement verb semantics. Journal of Memory and Language, 92, 26-42.


    • Flecken, M., Athanasopoulos, P., Kuipers, J. R., & Thierry, G. (2015). On the road to somewhere: Brain potentials reflect language effects on motion event perception. Cognition, 141, 41-51.
    • Flecken, M., Carroll, M., Weimar, K., & Von Stutterheim, C. (2015). Driving along the road or heading for the village? Conceptual differences underlying motion event encoding in French, German, and French-German L2 users. Modern Language Journal, 99(S1), 100-122.
    • Flecken, M., Walbert, K., & Dijkstra, T. (2015). 'Right Now, Sophie (∗)Swims in the Pool?!': Brain Potentials of Grammatical Aspect Processing. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1764.
    • Gerwien, J., & Flecken, M. (2015). There is no prime for time: the missing link between form and concept of progressive aspect in L2 production. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 18(5), 561-587.


    • Behrens, B., Flecken, M., & Carroll, M. (2013). Progressive attraction: On the use and grammaticalization of progressive aspect in Dutch, Norwegian, and German. Journal of Germanic Linguistics , 25(2), 95-136.
    • Flecken, M., Von Stutterheim, C., & Carroll, M. (2013). Principles of information organization in L2 use: Complex patterns of conceptual transfer. IRAL - International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 51(2), 229-242.
    • Van Beek, G., Flecken, M., & Starren, M. (2013). Aspectual perspective taking in event construal in L1 and L2 dutch. IRAL - International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 51(2), 199-227.


    • Carroll, M., Weimar, K., Flecken, M., Lambert, M., & Von Stutterheim, C. (2012). Tracing trajectories: Motion event construal by advanced L2 French-English and L2 French-German speakers. LIA Language, Interaction and Acquisition, 3(2), 202-230.
    • Von Stutterheim, C., Andermann, M., Carroll, M., Flecken, M., & Schmiedtová, B. (2012). How grammaticized concepts shape event conceptualization in language production: Insights from linguistic analysis, eye tracking data, and memory performance. Linguistics, 50(4), 833-867.


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