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This workshop focuses explicitly on the implications of the knowledge of code-switching/mixing (i.e., the ability to mix more than one language in a sentence or an utterance) for the theory of language, acquisition, and change. If one makes the reasonable assumption that code-switching/mixing is at worse not detrimental to cognition, and at best beneficial to executive functions, then it seems the human brain evolved to cope with cognitive processes deployed in code- switching/mixing. This view raises a number of questions with regard to the theory of language and cognition, which will be the focus of the workshop.

Event details of The Bilingual Mind: Code-switching/mixing, syntactic theory, and cognition
Start date 18 May 2021
End date 19 May 2021
Time 14:00
Organised by Enoch. O Aboh , M. C. Parafita Couto
Poster__The bilingual mind Code-switching_mixing, syntactic theory, and cognition