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SMART (Speech & Language, Music, Art, Reasoning and Thought) is organizing a workshop in collaboration with the ACLC on the role of awareness in humans and machines.

In an earlier workshop, we aimed to establish that awareness is not a uniquely human characteristic, but is probably present in other animals as well, just as many other types of cognitive processes are. In the present workshop, we would like to explore how far the boundaries of awareness can be stretched, by considering what role awareness could play in human cognition, machine learning and human-machine interaction.

Professor Axel Cleeremans from the Université Libre de Bruxelles will be the keynote speaker of the event. We welcome researchers working on the following topics for poster presentations:

  • The role of awareness in human cognition (i.e. visual perception, linguistic processing)
  • The neural underpinnings of awareness
  • Awareness and robotics
  • Computational modelling of awareness
  • General theoretical proposals of the availability of awareness to machines

We invite submissions for poster presentations (an abstract, including a title, your name and affiliation, approx. 250 words), which should be sent to

The workshop will take place on 14 June 2019 in Amsterdam (specific location to be confirmed). Deadline for submission is 31 March.