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Eugen Popa (ACLC PhD candidate) has been awarded the J. Anthony Blair Prize at the OSSA 11 Conference on Argumentation, Objectivity and Bias held at the University of Windsor, Canada.

Eugen Popa

The J. Anthony Blair Prize

The Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA) wishes to promote the work of graduate students and young scholars in the field of argumentation studies. The J. Anthony Blair Prize ($1000 CDN) is awarded to the student paper presented at the Conference judged to be especially worthy of recognition and includes a plaque and publication in the journal Informal Logic. 

Title and abstract

Criticism without fundamental principles

In this paper I develop and defend a form of argumentative normativity that is not based on fundamental principles. I first argue that research agendas that aim to discover (or claimed to have discovered) fundamental principles of ‘good’ argumentative discourse share one crucial weak spot, viz. circularity. I then argue that this weak spot can be avoided by a pancritical form of normativity. Following the works of Bartley and Feyerabend, I explain and exemplify how the pancritical normativity works.