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With his paper 'Speech acts in a dialogue game for critical discussion' Jacky Vissser has won the ECA Frans van Eemeren Prize for Outstanding Student Papers. ECA refers to the European Conference on Argumentation (ECA); first edition, which took place in Lisbon, 9-12 July 2015 with 206 presenting participants.

J.C. Visser

Short abstract

This paper constitutes a next step in the formalisation of the pragma-dialectical ideal model of critical discussion. In the presented extended dialogue game for critical discussion, the rules for moves and for commitments are based on the role of speech acts and their felicity conditions in the ideal model. The formalisation is intended to facilitate the computational implementation of the pragma-dialectical discussion model.

Quotes from the jury report

"The approach in the paper successfully combines the pragma-dialectical perspective with the formal-logical approach to argumentation and brings about results that possess both theoretical and practical applicability. By applying concepts and tools from speech act theory and formal logic to phenomena directly related to the model of a critical discussion, the paper contributes to the pursuing of new paths of research."

"In support of its decision, the jury would like to mention that Jacky Visser's paper did not only receive clearly the highest average score from the reviewers, but the paper also scores best of all papers for three out of the four qualities of the papers that were assessed by the members of the jury: solidity of scholarship, relevance to the field, and clarity of exposition. On top of that, it should be mentioned that, in an absolute sense, Visser's essay also received the highest number of top grades 9 and 10. This means that in the eyes of the jury its superiority is beyond any doubt."

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