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Dr. R.J.J.H. (Rob) van Son

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Taalwetenschap
Photographer: onbekend

Visiting address
  • Herengracht 338
Postal address
  • Postbus 1642
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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  • Profiel

    Oncology Related Communication Disorders

    I currently work for the Netherlands Cancer Institute on a grant from Atos Medical, Hornby, Sweden. My work there is to study and implement speech and language technologies that can help revalidation and therapy of patients.

    Oncology Related Communication Disorders


    Speak Good Chinese is a cross-platform application based on GTK technology that allows you or your students to train their Mandarin pronunciation. Our softwareis based on Praat , leading software inspeech analysis. Our speech technology is backed by the Institute of Phonetic Sciences part of the University of Amsterdam .

    We have a short promotional video made by Lifeng Liu and Guangqin Chen (in a small and large format), which can also be found at digiemotion and at Surfnet .

    This project was supported by grant 6046 from the Digitale Universiteit .


    Integration of information in spoken communication

    Our understanding of the comprehension of spoken language is lacking on quantitative knowledge on how the different aspects of language are integrated. Both the time-course with which information becomes available and the way the diverse sources of information are combined are relatively unknown. Speech recognition in the classical sense of "structured word-recognition" is an extremely complicated process. It is necessary to start tackling the general problem of the extraction and integration of information in speech comprehension with a simpler sub-task. A much simpler problem, which covers the whole spectrum of language communication, is the prediction of turn-switches in conversation. Turn-switches in various forms are the basic control mechanism of conversations. For the hearer, the task is deceptively simple: determinewhen to start talking. This makes turn- switching a good model for the extraction and integration of linguistic information as all sources of relevant information aresynchronized with theturn-switching points (Turn-Relevant-Places or TRP's). From an experimental point of view, the interference from the task itself, whether or not to start speaking, is minimal, as the number of choices is extremely limited. Therefore, the research can concentrate on the integrating process itself. This project concerns the quantitative modeling of TRP identification in conversation as an integration process of temporally unfolding information at different levels in speech, from conversation-acts and semantics to prosody, phonetics, and visual cues. Reaction Time (RT) measurements from TRP monitoring in manipulated (partial) conversations will be used to determine exactly when the relevant information at different levels of speech becomes available and howit is integrated to predict the position of a TRP. We will especially look at generalizations of the MERGE model extended with a Random-Walk decision model. We will include both the standard flat Bayesian decision rule and more structured Hierarchical models of integration.
    Key words: speech comprehension, information integration, conversation, talk-in-interaction, turn-switching

    VIDI project Home Page
  • Publications


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