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E. (Eva) Juarros Daussa PhD

Faculty of Humanities
Modern foreign Languages ​​and Cultures

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
Postal address
  • Postbus 1641
    1000 BP Amsterdam
  • Publications


    • Daussà, E. J., & Qian, Y. (2022). Use of internet forums by multilingual families: Demographics and themes. Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices , 3(2), 193-218. [details]



    • Juarros Daussa-, E., & Qian, Y. (2020). Language Transmission among Chinese immigrant Families in the Netherlands. In Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (JAPC), Special Issue (pp. 159-190)
    • Juarros Daussa-, E., Lanz, T., & Pera i Ros, R. (2020). Two-way Integration of Heritage and Minoritized Speakers: Voices from Catalonia. In U. Hoinkes, & M. Meyer (Eds.), Der Einfluss der Migration auf Sprach- und Kulturräume / The Impact of Migration on Language and Culture Areas (pp. 179-206). Peter Lang.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2018). Parasynthetic Verbs: The Missing Category. In The Leader of the Pack. Festschrift in honor of Peggy Speas. (pp. 45-58). Graduate Linguistics Student Association, Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E., & Casesnoves Ferrer, R. (2015). El catalán entre las dos lenguas más habladas del mundo. In R. Terborg, A. Alarcón, & L. Neri (Eds.), Lengua española, contacto lingüístico y globalización (pp. 463-492). Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2014). Deriving the Two Argument Restriction without Recursion. In P. Speas, & T. Roeper (Eds.), Recursion: Complexity in Cognition (pp. 39-58). Springer.


    • Casesnoves-Ferrer, R., & Daussà-Juarros, E. (2013). La influencia de la política lingüística en la transmisión del catalán y del gallego dentro y fuera de sus fronteras. In Empiricism and Analytical Tools for 21 Century Applied Linguistics: Selected Papers From the XXIX International Conference of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics, AESLA (pp. 861-874). Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.
    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2013). Language Transmission Among Catalan and Galician families in New York City. In Selected Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics (pp. 148-157)
    • Juarros Daussa-, E., & Casesnoves Ferrer, R. (2013). Les institucions catalanes a NYC: influència en la transmissió i manteniment del català. In VI Congrés Català/Internacional de Sociologia (pp. 2-25). (Associació Catalana de Sociologia).



    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2010). Lack of Recursion in the Lexicon: The Two Argument Restriction. In H. van der Hulst (Ed.), Recursion and Human Language Mouton de Gruyter.
    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2010). Obviation in Argument Structure: Spanish Prepositional Arguments and Expanded Unergatives in Italian and English. In Selected Proceedings of the 12th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (Selected Proceedings of the 2008 Spanish Linguistics Symposium).


    • Juarros Daussa-, E., & Lanz, T. (2009). Re-thinking Balanced Bilingualism: the Impact of Global Migration in Catalonia. Language Problems and Language Planning, 33(1), 1-21.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2007). El operador sintáctico se en español. Anuari de filologia. Secció F. Estudios de lengua y literatura española, F(3-4), 95-121.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2006). El discurs indirecte com a adaptació evolutiva: teoria del joc i pragmàtica. In VII Congrés de Lingüística General : actes, del 18 al 21 d'abril de 2006 (pp. 136-). [136]
    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2006). Why Four Kinds of V (DP) PP? A Non-Lexicalist Approach. In Proceedings from the Main Session of the Forty-second Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (Vol. 42-1, pp. 87-101). (Chicago Linguistics Society). Chicago Linguistic Society.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E., Gabucio, F., & de la Fuente, J. (1998). ¿Qué es esto?: el uso de analogías en razonamiento informal. In I Jornadas de Psicología del pensamiento : (Actas) : Santiago de Compostela, 22-23 de junio, 1998 (pp. 151-164). (I Jornadas de Psicología del Pensamiento. Actas. Santiago de Compostela).



    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2000). Comparing Serial and Parallel SPLT Models of Processing: Evidence from Catalan. (University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics). University of Massachusetts.


    • Juarros Daussa-, E. (2021). La teva incomoditat és la meva dignitat. In Som dones, som lingüistes, som moltes i diem prou: We are women, we are linguists, and we say: enough! (pp. 202). Eumo Editorial.

    Talk / presentation

    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (23-1-2023). Gender Fair language in a medium size minoritized community, Centre for Celtic Studies, Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (9-12-2022). Inclusive language and (minority) languages: what’s at stake?, UvA University of Amsterdam.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (4-11-2022). El lenguaje inclusivo en español, Openbaar Bibliotheek Amsterdam.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (7-9-2022). Topics on the Sociolinguistics of the Catalan Diaspora, Oxford University.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (10-6-2022). Inclusive Language: the whys and the hows, RUG Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (10-6-2022). Language and Wellbeing., RUG Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
    • J. Daussà, E. (speaker) (12-5-2021). The link between well-being and language in minoritized situations, University of Cologne.


    • J. Daussà, E. (participant) (4-11-2022). Platform Spaans. Launching Platform Spaans, a virtual site promoting Spanish within the NL. (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • J. Daussà, E. (participant) (1-9-2022 - 2-9-2022). International Colloquium Éducation, langues minorisées et plurilinguisme : Quels écueils? Quelles politiques linguistiques?, Mons. International Colloquium Éducation, langues minorisées et plurilinguisme : Quels écueils? Quelles politiques linguistiques? (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities