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Within the first weeks of the appointment of a PhD candidate [both internal and external] or a Postdoc, an intake interview takes place with the ACLC director or representative, and, in the case of a PhD candidate, the PhD supervisor(s). 

After the intake and assessment interview progress interviews take place at regular intervals. At the completion of your position, an exit interview is held. In all cases, a report of the interview is made and sent to the ACLC office. 

Making the appointment

For intake and assessment interviews the ACLC office will make the appointment.

For the annual progress interviews the PhD candidates and postdocs make their own appointments. The ACLC office does remind them of the fact that a progress interview is due.


Templates of the documents to be sent to the ACLC office before and after the interview can be found through the links below or through the menu on the left.