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Assessment interview

For assessment interviews with PhD candidates there is now one form to be filled in by both the PhD candidate and the supervisor [see template below].

PhD candidate [both internal and external]

Before the interview

  • The PhD candidate fills out his or her part of the progress interview form (see template below) before each interview. This form should be sent to (1) all people involved in the progress interview and (2) the ACLC office.
  • The PhD candidate also submits a written piece of work related to the thesis.

After the interview

After the interview, the supervisor fills in his or her part of the form (see template below) and sends it to all parties present at the assessment interview and to the ACLC office.
It needs to be accompanied by a letter from the ACLC director or his/her substitute in which a positive assessment is corroborated.

See the document Guidelines for supervisors and PhD candidates for more information on the procedure.