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Language Learning

Language Learning


Sible Andringa


ACLC staff: Sible Andringa; Jan Hulstijn; Folkert Kuiken; Elisabetta Materassi; Alla Peeters-Podgaevskaja; Anna Pot, Lissan Taal-Apelqvist; Ineke Vedder; Josje Verhagen; Roos van der Zwaard

ACLC PhD candidates: Imogen Cohen;  Aartje van Dijk; Kyra Hanekamp; Darlene Keydeniers; Pauline Koeleman;  Hanneke Pot; Natalia Rivera; Patrick Schetters; Wilma van der Westen


The Language Learning research group (formerly known as CASLA) unites a group of researchers within the ACLC that take an interest in language acquisition, language use and language education. This should be taken in the broadest sense: The focus of the group is to understand how languages are learned and maintained, and it covers topics ranging from language learning and bilingual development by young children to adult second and foreign language learning. The group harbors researchers that do experimental research in the lab as well researchers that work with data obtained in natural settings. The group is concerned with theoretical approaches to language learning, but also takes a keen interest in applied, socio-educational issues in the domains of classroom instruction, bilingual education, computer-assisted language learning, language testing and language policy.


Language Learning holds weekly informal meetings. In these meetings, members or guest speakers discuss their work, or we discuss recent events, important papers, or research related issues (data management, particular tools, etc.). Anyone is welcome to attend Language Learning meetings and/or present (provided the topic is of relevance to the group). Information about our meetings can be obtained via the group’s coordinator, and anyone interested can sign up to receive the group’s announcements.

The Language Learning Lab

The group also organizes a series of lectures called the Language Learning Lab. These lectures are organized for all faculty members that teach second language proficiency classes, and are intended to offer inspiration and be a platform for exchange and networking. Lectures in this series always topicalize a concern related to instructed second language acquisition.

For information about projects conducted within this group, please visit the individual members’ websites.

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