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After a very competitive selection procedure, the Faculty of Humanities has decided to award PhD fellowships to the following six talented scholars.

  • Ilaria Canavotto
    Contradiction and Negation in Action Deontic Logic
  • Tom Kayzel     
    How everything became economics: The rise of the CPB and economic thinking in Dutch political debates
  • Aysenur Korkmaz
    Local and diasporic family memories of the Armenian genocide: a transnational ethnography
  • Nour A. Munawar     
    Lifecycles of Heritage in Conflict: Destruction - (Re)construction and Representation of Archaeological Heritage in Syria & Iraq
  • Sybren Spit     
    Meta-linguistic awareness in early (second) language acquisition
  • Alexander Thinius     
    What Does it Mean to be of a Particular Gender Critical Essentialism in Philosophy of Gender

The candidates will start working on their PhD projects on 1 November 2016.