UvA FGw Aspasia Fund: Call for proposals

7 October 2016

Two to three female academics can be awarded a temporary release from teaching duties to enable them to prepare applications for senior personal grants.


The UvA FGw Aspasia Fund aims to support women in their career development within the Faculty of Humanities at the UvA and to expand their opportunities to conduct research.

Available budget

The total budget of the Fund is € 50.000, with which two to three applicants can be awarded a release from teaching duties.

The Fund was made available by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) as part of an Aspasia grant awarded to UvA researcher Dr Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez earlier this year. A condition of the NWO grant is that part of the premium is used for diversity policy measures, which increase the upward movement of female staff within the institution.

Application deadline

12 January 2017, 14:00 CET.

What can be applied for?

The Fund will be used to temporarily release female academics from teaching duties to enable them to prepare applications for senior personal grants. The release time from teaching duties is 0.2 FTE for one semester (6 months) in the academic year 2017/2018. Applications can be prepared for the following grants in 2018 (deadlines are indicative)[1]:

  • ERC Consolidator – February 2018
  • NWO Vici – March 2018
  • ERC Advanced – September 2018
  • NWO Vidi – October 2018
  • ERC Starting – November 2018

Who can apply?

  • Applicants are female researchers employed by the Faculty of Humanities, UvA.
  • Applicants intend to conduct the research project at the FGw of the UvA following the award of the grant.
  • Applicants meet the eligibility criteria of the grant they intend to apply for.

Application requirements

  • Applications are drawn up in accordance with the guidelines provided below and contain a description of the research, the type of grant being applied for, an academic CV, and a work plan.
  • The research project for which a grant is being applied for relates to the work of the research school and/or research priority area.
  • Applications are accompanied by a statement of consent from the Department Chair, ensuring release from teaching duties should the grant be awarded.
  • Applications are accompanied by a statement of consent from the director of the Research School, stating that the intended proposal fits within the research profile of the school.
  • Applicants commit to writing the intended research project.
  • Applicants commit to taking part in the corresponding support track organized by the Grant Team Humanities.

Applications assessment

An expert panel consisting of the Aspasia laureates Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez, Esther Peeren and Judith Rispens, and the research director of AIHR Thomas Vaessens, will consider the applications based on grant-specific criteria and indicators. In light of the grant being applied for, applications will be assessed primarily on the basis of the quality of the researcher and that of the research plan. The panel will receive advice from the Grant Team Humanities.


12 Jan 2017 - Applications deadline
Jan 2017 - Assessment and final decision by the panel
Feb 2017 - Result announced to applicants                                 

Submitting an application

Applications are submitted by e-mail to subsidie-fgw@uva.nl as one file in PDF format.


Simon Speksnijder, subsidie-fgw@uva.nl , tel. 020-525 4403


[1] For advice about eligibility and strategic planning, candidates can make an appointment with the FGw Grant team (subsidie-fgw@uva.nl). 


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