dr. Hennie van der Vliet, Faculty of Humanities, Language Network Institute, VU University

DIY lexical and combinatorial analysis of special language

09Mar2018 15:15 - 16:30


Hennie van der Vliet is the guest speaker at this ACLC seminar for which MA students are especially invited. The title and abstract of this lecture are now available.


In addition to language that is generally shared within a language community, there is special language, language that is used by a specific part of the language community, often for specific purposes. This could for example be the language of a specific social group, sports language or professional language.

Those who want to analyze a special language (sociolinguists, translators, communication scientists), may want to build and use their own corpus. In my presentation I show what possibilities there are. I discuss a number of electronic sources that can be used for lexical and combinatorial research (WordNet, FrameNet, Cornetto, IATE), a few basic techniques from corpus research, like termextraction and I will demonstrate AntConc, an on-line tool that is surprisingly easy to use. And for those who are willing to learn a computer language like Python, much more is possible.


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