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Professor Giannakidou is the guest speaker at this ACLC seminar. Abstract and title are NOW available.

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Date 4 December 2015
Time 15:15 - 16:30


Some theories propose monolithic accounts of negative polarity items (NPIs) as exhaustified expressions. For instance, Chierchia 2013 claims that  all NPIs are exhaustive: in contrast to ‘ordinary’ indefinites, “with NPIs and FCIs [free choice items] we have to exhaustify” (Chierchia 2013:8, emphasis in the original).  In my presentation, I challenge this claim by presenting a number of NPIs crosslinguistically— in Greek, Korean, and Mandarin shenme (Lin 2015)— that do not behave exhaustively. I discuss the consequences of this idea for understanding what polarity phenomena are about, and show that, even for the exhaustive class, theories such as Chierchia do not offer a successful explanation of their distribution or meaning. 

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