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Mr C.J.M. (Camille) Welie MA

  • Faculty of Humanities
    Capaciteitsgroep Nederlandse Taalkunde
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    P.C. Hoofthuis
    Spuistraat 134  Amsterdam
    Room number: 439
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    Spuistraat  134
    1012 VB  Amsterdam

About myself

I was born in Maastricht and I lived there until I finished secondary school. After graduating high school, I spread my wings and moved to Amsterdam to study Psychology. I graduated with distinction (cum laude) for my Bachelor Psychology and my Master in Social Psychology. When I stayed in Italy for a while to learn Italian, I rediscovered my interest in language learning and especially second language learning. For this reason, after some work experience, I decided to enroll for the bachelor Dutch language and culture, and because of my interest in second language learning, I chose the master Dutch as a second language as a specialization; I finalized both programs with distinction (cum laude). Besides my PhD-project (described below) I love to teach Dutch to second language learners of Dutch (NT2), which I've been doing for several years. I also (co)lecture some courses at the department of Dutch Linguistics (see  the CV tab).

About my project 

I'm investigating if, and to what extent, several factors contribute to adolescent reading comprehension of expository texts and the relative contribution of these factors compared to the other ones. Furthermore, I'm also looking into possible differences between subgroups of readers (monolingual vs. bilingual and good vs. struggling readers) when explaining reading comprehension with these factors.The factors I’m looking into can be divided into several domains: fluency, knowledge, skills and engagement.

With respect to fluency, I'm measuring how fluent adolescents are in comprehending discrete sentences and detecting semantic errors in these sentences. Moreover, I'm measuring how fast students infer that a sentence connects or does not connect semantically to a previously read story (i.e. how fluent they are in proposition integration and comprehension monitoring) and whether text characteristics affect the fluency of this detection.

The knowledge components I’m investigating are vocabulary size, knowledge of connectives and metacognitive knowledge about text structure and reading and writing strategies. I’m also measuring how skillful students are in inferring relationships between sentences (i.e. microlevel of text comprehension) and between groups of sentences (i.e. macrolevel of text comprehension). Lastly, I'm investigating positive and undermining motivations towards reading expository texts.

Based on the results I will advise schools in their reading comprehension education. By doing this research, I hope to support teachers in meeting the reading comprehension needs of their students in secondary school.


Research interests:

Reading comprehension, Reading Fluency, Learning from Texts, Language Instruction (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary), Individual Differences in First and Second Language Acquisition, Learning and Motivation, Cognitive Processes in Reading and Writing, Language and Memory, Vocabulary Knowledge, Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Discourse Processing.


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Keynote / invited lecture

  • Welie, C.J.M. (speaker), Schoonen, J.J.M. (speaker) & Kuiken, Folkert (speaker) (9-4-2016): The relationship between fluency of sentence integration and text comprehension in secondary school students’ reading., AAAL. Orlando.
  • Moeken, Niki (speaker), Kuiken, Folkert (speaker) & Welie, C.J.M. (speaker) (11-4-2016): Reading comprehension intervention in secondary school: Why only some readers benefit., AAAL. Orlando.


  • Welie, C. J. M. (2017). Individual differences in reading comprehension: A componential approach to eighth graders’ expository text comprehension Utrecht: LOT [details] [PDF]
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