dr. F. (Floris) Roelofsen

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    Room number: F1.08
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  • F.Roelofsen@uva.nl
    T: 0205258251


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Keynote / invited lecture

  • Ciardelli, I.A. (speaker), Coppock, E.E. (speaker) & Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) (5-9-2016): Implicatures of modified numerals: quality or quantity?, Sinn und Bedeutung, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) & Uegaki, Wataru (speaker) (4-9-2016): The ignorance implication of inquisitive predicates, Sinn und Bedeutung, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) (8-6-2016): Highlighting in discourse and grammar, University of Utrecht, Utrecht.
  • Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) (21-6-2016): Highlighting in discourse and grammar, University of Göttingen.
  • Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) (16-12-2016): Information, issues, and live possibilities: might in conflicts, free choice, and questions, Situations, Information, and Semantic Content, Munich, Germany.
  • Roelofsen, Floris (speaker) (20-1-2016): Highlighting in discourse and grammar, XPrag workshop on Questions, Answers, and Negation, Berlin, Germany.


  • Roelofsen, Floris (host) (1-9-2016 - 31-8-2017): Elizabeth Coppock (hosting an academic visitor).
  • Hengeveld, P.C. (host) & Roelofsen, Floris (host) (1-9-2016 - 17-1-2017): S. Iatridou (hosting an academic visitor).
  • Roelofsen, Floris (visiting researcher) & Ciardelli, I.A. (visiting researcher) (17-5-2016 - 25-5-2016): New York University (visiting an external academic institution).


  • Westera, M. (2017). Exhaustivity and intonation: a unified theory [details] [PDF]


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