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I’m a PhD student in the SIGN-HUB project, which focuses on “Preserving, Researching and Fostering the Linguistic, Historical and Cultural Heritage of European Deaf Signing Communities with an Integral Resource”. The project is funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 program. One of the aims is to provide descriptive grammars of six European sign languages and I will be working on the one for Dutch Sign Language (NGT). This is an exciting and challenging project since hardly any (extensive) descriptive grammars on sign languages exist so far. Therefore, a manual has been written by the COST SignGram Action IS1006 team, which will function as my guideline. The grammars will be published on an online platform, with interactive links and video examples. The first part of my project is dedicated to gathering and looking into studies that have already been done on NGT, later I will also conduct my own research on grammatical features that have not been investigated (extensively) yet. One of the topics I've studied so far are conditional clauses. Supervisors: Prof. dr. E.M. van den Bogaerde & dr. Roland Pfau.


2007-2010: Bachelor student Linguistics (track Sign Linguistics), University of Amsterdam
2010-2013: Bachelor student Teacher of NGT, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
2013-2015: Pre-master & master student Applied Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
            2014: Internship research project ‘Handy connections’, Radboud University Nijmegen
            2015: Master thesis ‘Making sense of a nonsense sign repetition task’
            (available online at the VU scriptie database)

  • July 1, 2016: Poster presentation ‘Making sense of a nonsense sign repetition task’ at the Gebarentaal-in-Nederland-dag, Nijmegen.
  • Dec 1, 2016: Guest lecture on sign language linguistics for MA students Applied Linguistics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • April 11, 2017: Presentation together with Roland Pfau, title “Constrained variation? Lessons from sign language corpora”, held at the ACLC workshop “Constraints on variation”. 
  • July 24, 2017: Presentation on conditional clauses in NGT at the pre-conference workshop “Corpus-based approaches to sign language linguistics: Into the second decade” at the University of Birmingham.
  • Sept 23, 2017: Presentation on methods of sign language research, in the light of World Deaf Day, held at Stichting Welzijn Doven Amsterdam. 
  • Oct 23, 2017: Guest lecture on conditional clauses in NGT at the Hamburg University. 
  • Nov 24, 2017: Presentation on conditional clauses in NGT at the StuTS conference in Nijmegen. 


  • Kimmelman, V., Klomp, U., & Oomen, M. (2018). Where methods meet: Combining corpus data and elicitation in sign language research. In Proceedings of 8th Workshop on the representation and processing of Sign Languages: Involving the linguistic community (pp. 95-100). ELRA.
  • Klomp, U. (in press). Conditional clauses in Sign Language of the Netherlands: A corpus-based study. Sign Language Studies.


  • Aboh, E. O., Boers-Visker, E. M., van den Bogaerde, E. M., Kimmelman, V., Klomp, U., de Lint, V., ... Pfau, R. (2017). Research group Sign Language Grammar & Typology. Poster session presented at Second Amsterdam SMART Cognitive Science Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Klomp, U. (2018). Starting to make sense: Further developing a nonsense sign repetition task. Poster session presented at ConSOLE 26, London, UK, .

Talk / presentation

  • Klomp, Ulrika (speaker) (19-12-2017): Gebarentaalonderzoek in Nederland, Stichting Welzijn Doven Amsterdam.
  • Klomp, Ulrika (speaker) (24-11-2017): Conditionals in NGT: A corpus study, StuTS 62.
  • Klomp, Ulrika (speaker) (24-7-2017): Conditional clauses in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT): A corpus study, Corpus-based Approaches to Sign Language Linguistics, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Pfau, Roland (invited speaker), Kimmelman, V. (invited speaker), Klomp, U. (invited speaker), de Lint, V. (invited speaker) & Oomen, M. (invited speaker) (20-4-2017): Grammar & society: How sign linguistics benefits the Deaf community, Beyond Hearing – Cultures Overlooked, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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