Grammar & Cognition


Judith Rispens, Jan Don



Suzanne Aalberse (ACLC), senior researcher

Enoch Aboh (ACLC), senior researcher

Anne Baker (ACLC), senior researcher

Hans Bennis (ACLC, Meertens), senior researcher

Beppie van den Boogaerde (ACLC), senior researcher

Laura Bos (ACLC), senior researcher

Robert Cloutier (ACLC), senior researcher

Jan Don (ACLC), senior researcher

Aafke Hulk (ACLC), senior researcher

Jan de Jong (ACLC), senior researcher

Olaf Koeneman (ACLC), senior external researcher

Michiel van Lambalgen (ILLC), senior researcher

Roland Pfau (ACLC), senior researcher

Judith Rispens (ACLC), senior researcher, coordinator

Frank Seifart (ACLC), senior researcher

Jeannette Schaeffer (ACLC), senior researcher

Petra Sleeman (ACLC), senior researcher

Arjen Versloot (ACLC) senior researcher

Fred Weerman (ACLC), senior researcher

Hedde Zeijlstra (ACLC), senior external researcher


Margriet Heim (ACLC), external researcher

project: Improving communication between non-speaking people with a multiple handicap and their social network

Margreet van Koert (ACLC), postdoc (FGW/FMG)

project: Improving English at school.

Current Ph.D projects

Linguistics in a multilingual setting

Linguistics and cognitive capacities

Language change and variation



This research group focuses on grammatical knowledge as part of the general cognitive system. How do general cognitive processes shape and constrain grammar and what can we infer on the basis of our internal and external knowledge of grammar about the role language as a cognitive domain? In particular, the research groups focuses on language acquisition, language change, language variation and executive functioning and the way these aspects interact.

Published by  ACLC

11 June 2018