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Crosslinguistic Semantics



Staff: dr. M.D. Aloni (ILLC) senior researcher, coordinator, dr. I.C. van Alphen (ACLC) senior researcher, dr. P.J.E. Dekker (ILLC) senior researcher, dr. R.M. Genis (ACLC) senior researcher, prof. dr. J.A.G. Groenendijk (ILLC) senior researcher (emeritus), prof. dr. P.C. Hengeveld (ACLC) senior researcher, dr. R. Risselada (ACLC), senior researcher, dr. F. Roelofsen (ILLC), senior researcher,  dr. H. Zeevat (ILLC) senior researcher.

PhD candidates: A. Port (ILLC) PhD candidate


In their search for the universal features and the range of variation in languages around the world linguists have paid most attention to phonological, morphological and syntactic properties. Much less attention has been paid to semantic and pragmatic features. To fill this gap, researchers from ACLC and ILLC have joined forces, addressing the questions involved in two different ways:
(i) the documentation of cross-linguistic semantic variation through typological research;
(ii) the modeling of semantic variation in explicit formalizations.

This work is carried out in the context of several research projects, see below.

Current research projects

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