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Date 6 February 2015
Time 15:15 - 16:30

Deaf-Hearing Cross-Cultural Interaction: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

Dr Small, sociolinguist, researcher and educator, will outline factors that impact cross-cultural interaction and create cross-cultural misunderstandings. She will incorporate sociolinguistic research to apply these factors to Deaf and hearing cross-cultural interaction. Her lecture provides frameworks from mediation theory that have been applied successfully to resolve cross-cultural conflicts between Deaf and hearing faculty and staff at universities, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations. Frameworks include how to manage complex change and deal with conflict situations as well as models for building collaborative cross-cultural environments and options to resolve communication conflicts. She expands upon sociolinguistic research using her experience in the field of Deaf education, linguistics and mediation from the last 27 years. This presentation brings together theory, description and application.


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